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Export made easy

Are you missing out on a huge opportunity to sell your products in the global marketplace?

Is it due to lack of resources, fear of the unknown, or the perceived risks involved? Or are you an experienced exporter with concerns about a particular market?

Look no further than MMI.

MMI can work for you as a consultant developing your Export strategy that will not only increase your sales internationally but will enhance your company image.

MMI can act as a commission agent ensuring a cost effective solution to developing your International business.

MMI can buy your products and sell them on your behalf so, quite simply, you treat it as a domestic sale.

Sounds too good to be true? MMI could be your perfect customer – taking your product to the international stage and boosting your profitability, without causing you any hassle or requiring you to take any risk.

MMI has huge experience in export of high quality products, especially those related to decorating, such as wall and floor coverings, tools and sanitary wear.

MMI is providing this service for companies both large and small, using its knowledge of export to deliver high-quality, market-leading British products to customers all over the globe.